Alba: “There is no doubt about the coach’s work”

Jordi Alba, who will be captain of the National Team this Thursday against Italy, spoke before the match against the Azzurra. This is how he responded to questions from the media.

Had he thought the door had been closed?

I am happy to return to the National Team. I have been lucky or unfortunate to come sometimes, other times not… What I want is to help everyone and I am convinced that things will go well.

Do you think it is possible to reach the 100th game with the National Team, how are you living these previous days?

With great enthusiasm. Hopefully we can lift the title. Whether he is captain, second or third captain, I am interested in lifting the title. It is a unique opportunity. Things are being done well. I see a lot of desire and everyone united. We must be more united than ever. I am happy with everything I have done in the National Team. I can give more. But I’m not worried about arriving or not arriving.

Is something more than a simple tournament being played by admitting that he hasn’t figured out his future?

No. If I was worried I would not have made the decision before the end of the season. I am gambling to win a title with the National Team. As you know I have nothing, but it is not something that worries me.

How does this National Team arrive that hasn’t won anything for twelve years, what does this suggest to you?

In the end, it is not easy to win titles. We were able to win the Euro-World-European Cup and it is not normal. The FEF decided that Luis de la Fuente should be here. I see something good here, we are united and I think we are on the right track. It’s a nice tournament to play. We work to be in the Final Four.

Any advice to youngsters before a game against a team with the pedigree of Italy?

I can advise the youngest, but they know very well what it is to play in the lower categories against Italy. It is not the same National Team from 2012. Italy is a great team, which has taken a giant step forward offensively with its players in midfield. We know the difficulty there will be, but I am convinced that we will do things well. You can win or lose, but you have to give a good image and I think we will.

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Have you seen that 2012 final again?

It’s hard to match what we did in that final. In fact, in that Eurocup we played in the group stage and we didn’t do the same, we drew against them. I see the match this Thursday matched. I can’t predict anything before the game, but I think it will be difficult, without a doubt. I have been lucky to win against them but I have also lost.

Luis de la Fuente says that he will have sane for a while. Will that influence his decision when it comes to not going to a minor league?

The decision I make will not depend on whether I can come or not. I see myself qualified to continue playing for more years but the decision I have to make with my family. But coming here is a prize and I am very happy to be here.

How do you see the coach?

Don’t worry. Training days are being good. We all have to be united. Many times, we are the players who have to take a step forward. He has the trust of everyone, the players, his staff. There is no doubting the work he is doing. It’s a good chance. We are happy with the technician’s work.

In the World Cup it seemed that there was a lack of trade. Has this group learned from that quote?

I did not experience that lack of trade in the locker room. We were delighted with the coach and I did not see that lack of trade. He led tails that day, but I think things went well even though they didn’t lead later. But the predisposition of the people was correct. It is another stage and we must face it in the best possible way. I am excited and I believe that things can be done well.

What is your reference as captain?

From Nàstic, Valencia, Barça… I don’t prefer any of them. Regardless of whether you’re a captain or not, the key is to create a good atmosphere in the dressing room and that’s what it is.

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