Alba Redondo, the top scorer in the F League

round dawn closed the season with his 27th goal in the Finetwork Liga F. Thus, La Mancha closes an excellent season in which she averages almost a bit per game and it has been vital for ‘his’ I raised HE classify for the next Champions. A campaign bordering on excellence that makes it the top scorer of the category for the first time in his career and they give him an almost certain place for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Sunrise ha marked in 19 of the 30 gameI know that he has disputed. With a total of 2,525 minutes, that is, he sees the door every 93 minutes. Two hat trick and three doubles in a campaign in which sanchez vera has managed to show the best version of a front call blunting from their the beginning in it Albacete Foundation. “At the beginning of the season I remember that when he scored the first goals, It had been around seven or eight, they told me it’s the top of Alba, it’s two or three months old puch, we all think the same it is but… the challenge was that, that it was five, six, seven… if Alba is able to find that regularity she can become one of the most important forwards at the national level today. She has kept it, she has been fine in front of goal and that has done that is like a strong and important footballer who has been for this Levante”, He said Madrid coach about Alba in an interview in AS.

own dawn explained its changed into another interview in AS. “You can never stop working. You have to mark the times well because a lot is bad and little, too. A balance is necessary. I have worked a lot on my head. many times i I put more pressure than I had and it was not necessary and it blocked me. I have said it and I will continue to say it: if your head doesn’t go, neither does the rest. That is a job outside, and then also the physical and specific forward. It will seem silly, but like when in Oliver and Benji Oliver went to throw 20 balls… I have also done that and he does it, ”he explained.

His Connection with Mayra Ramirezhis mobility and above all his ease face to goal They have made her one of the best players of the season in Spain. “Of Mayrathe speedthat force and power that it has, that gives us a lot of play in the face. Erika is masterclass. When he has more experience in the First Division he will be like Xavi or Iniesta, his quality and that last pass. Andonova, the golden lefty. The small sum of each one of us makes us where we are ”, stressed his companions Of attack. and he also had words for his coach: “Above all, a lot of football maturity, interpreting situations, moments, a lot of tactical play…”. Because the coach has been one of the keys to his explosion: “He has worked a lot on everything he is responsible for outside of what will be his day-to-day life as a footballer. He has found an important emotional and personal balance. She is very special, with the ability to grow and be one of the important players at the national level, but she had not quite found that balance”. Alba is the scorer of this Finetwork Liga F…

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