Alavés entrusts itself to the heavy hand of Mendilibar to emerge afloat

The board of the babazorros wants to modify their behavior to avoid catastrophe at the end of the season with someone with a lot of experience

The general table of positions in LaLiga Santander let see the Deportivo Alavés sunk in high-compromise areas. The management of Javi calleja has lost power and that is why versions are handled where everything is focused on the side of taking office by José Luis Mendilibar.

The former SD Huesca is the favorite of the board of directors, as they assume that he has character and knows how to handle teams in extreme situations. With his previous club, he made a marathon second half that punished him in the end, giving salvation to Elche who with Fran Scribe he stuck to the miracle.

Mendilibar Amorebieta
Mendilibar leaves with an advantage to take the position of coach at Deportivo Alavés

The remaining details are short for Alavés to remove Calleja from office and impose Mendilibar with whom the talks are well advanced

From the managerial point of view the situation is very clear, they are looking to get rid of Javi Calleja because he has not met expectations in the least. The team has fallen to the relegation zone and apart from that there is no evolution in the game itself. Therefore they believe that a strong hand is necessary and therefore they have chosen.

Mendilibar is free and willing to sign at this moment if asked, but yes, he has decided to accept as long as they meet a few whims. Which indicates that the team has to go out to the winter market in search of players to solve the absences marked at the moment.

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Italy and Brazil are the places where they will execute their framework of action regarding the market

Therefore, the first thing the board of directors has done has been to locate potential signings and start working on them. Starting with Gonzalo Escalante, Lazio midfielder, who has lost the opportunity to shine with the sky blue since the arrival of Maurizio Sarri to the bench.

This player has been asked for a loan that is too close to being completed. He is joined by Jean Pyerre, another midfield player who works in Brazil. Talented 24-year-old who is said to already have an agreement between 2.5-3 million euros, for his final pass. In this way, the work of the strategist who is the saving card in the midst of chaos is exalted.

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