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Alavés enters the Escalante negotiation with Valencia CF with everything

From the babazorro box they have been interested in the Argentine footballer

Sporting Alaves is still in crisis and it is urgent to add talent, especially in the center of the field and that is why they have fixed on Gonzalo Escalante. The midfielder who currently plays for the SS Lazio does not count for Maurizio Sarri and therefore would welcome a change of scene in the next market.

Let us remember that the Argentine footballer was one of the great highlights of the SD Eibar a few seasons ago and that is why it has a great poster. Due to his great form in the gunsmith team, he was given the opportunity to go to the A series, but has not had opportunities.

Gonzalo escalante
Gonzalo Escalante had his best performance in Eibar

Alavés looks at Argentine midfielder Gonzalo Escalante

The minutes he has added are not enough and one of his priorities that has been raised is to return to LaLiga Santander. Faced with this situation, some interested parties have come to ask the team’s office in the Italian capital. One of them is the Valencia CF of José Bordalás.

Of course, one of the last to show interest in Gonzalo Escalante is Deportivo Alavés. In favor of the babazorro team is the fact that he wants to hire José Luis Mendilibar. And it is that with the bad results, Javi Calleja could leave and the ex of the Eibar would be the greater aim for the bench.

The babazorros will be Valencia’s rivals in this signing

In this way, the Argentine midfielder could opt for the Alavés option, since with Mendilibar he obtained his best performance. For this reason, the coach will be vital in an operation that they want to close yes or yes in the next transfer market. The second part of the season will be key for the babazorros and they have to have talent.

We will have to wait then for what may happen with the future of Gonzalo Escalante and Alavés. For now, they want to make their new coach official and from there, start with express requests to try to change the present that is not at all favorable. They are currently marching in space 18, although not too far from the rescue posts.

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