This player could be a first-hand solution for clubs that continue to show a lack of power in midfield.

At Athletic club There are some issues that remain undefined, such as the specific case of the renewal of Dani García, the starting midfielder at this stage of Marcelino García Toral. The player is very weakened by the lack of results and has at least two entities that are closely following him, waiting for an opportunity.

So much Alavés as the SD Eibar They would be very attentive to this fact, with the sole purpose of fishing in a troubled river before generating that bond of union. They understand that the player does not live his best individual moment, and they want to alternate that chance of capture in order to give him the minutes and the confidence he needs.

Dani garcia
Dani García once again has doubts about the project at Athletic Club

If the renewal does not occur in Athletic, they plan to attack, a subject that has given rise to long debates in different Basque media

The player has been sparing and although he has not wanted to talk much about that topic, he has mentioned others. For example, they seek to overcome the situation that harasses them today, where no matter how much they generate and have volume of play, it costs them a lot to score. There are already several games without giving happiness to its people and where the absence of a goal has been present.

He believes that they have been working well in defense, but then the second part of the task is not done and that costs a lot. Of course, he assumes responsibility but believes that it is transitory. For now, Marcelino does not stop giving instructions and states that gaining confidence will mean giving his offensive system that much-needed bonus. Since that agonizing goal against Real, gunpowder seems to have gotten wet.

Against Granada they hope to resurrect in LaLiga and get into the fight again

This Friday in the cathedral they receive the decayed Granada by Robert Moreno. Six-point match for the position they occupy and for rebuilding that path that had so many dates close to the vanguard positions. Undoubtedly, it is a hostile scenario and without the credibility of the people, who say they are tired of the generalized apologies.

Therefore, the suitors must wait at least for the closing of the campaign, by which time that issue should be resolved from the upper area of ​​the directives. Counting down to the player and his professional desire marked by personal convictions. Very interesting topic.


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