Alarming cupbearer prognosis for Gattuso floods Valencia CF with pessimism

The coach of the team Che has given a few words in the Agrupación de Peñas that has left the fans stunned

Gennaro gattuso always gives something to talk about and on this occasion he has referred to what will be the second part of the season and has also touched on the subject of the Cup. And it is that the Italian coach who arrived in the middle of a tense moment at Valencia CF, has been able to win the affection of the fans. Of course, some comments leave doubts.

Let’s remember that the coach has visited the Agrupación de Peñas and although it has been for a short time, he left quite interesting phrases. He initially spoke about his arrival on the bench of the Capital del Turia team and then referred to the objectives that have been set for the end of the season.

gattuso cup
The coach has spoken about the possibility of winning the Cup

Gennaro Gattuso refers to the Copa del Rey, which causes some pessimism in the Che fans

In this way it is that when Gattuso dealt with the issue of the Cup, he left more doubts than certainties, since it was not forceful at all. He has highly praised the fact that the Valencian fans attend the Mestalla in large numbers and the pride that comes from being part of the project.

Of course, regarding the objectives, he has made several promises, which would sound quite good, since he would be committed, but one of them has not fallen in the best way on the followers. “If we reach the final, I’m going on foot, everyone would like it.” This is a type of promise that many can interpret as being made when you do not have any faith.

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The coach does not have confidence to reach the Cup title

Although Valencia CF has improved a lot since the arrival of Gattuso, we will have to wait and see how far they can go in the Copa del Rey. It is a scenario that has turned favorable in recent years, since they have achieved a title there. This was the one that Marcelino García Toral got.

Despite the fact that the project is new, the Italian has gained confidence with the passing of the matches. Of course, it does not seem that he is going to focus on the Copa del Rey and on the contrary, he would be looking as a priority, to reach one of the places in the Europa League or in the best of cases, the Champions League.

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