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Alan Lee unveils the first illustrations of the next book in the Tolkien universe, “The Fall of Númenor”

Le Gondor - Seigneur des Anneaux © Warner Bros.

The announcement of the release of a new novel from the universe of JRR Tolkien over the course of the year hasn’t exactly thrilled die-hard Tolkienists, with some arguing that The Fall of Numenor shouldn’t add anything new to the Lore of the Lord of the Rings.

Alan Lee has long been considered one of Tolkien’s finest specialist cartoonists, many fans put him on a par with John Howe. They both worked with peter jackson to make the trilogies The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbitnot to mention that we have seen his work on all the illustrated versions of LOTR mythology, the centennial celebration of Tolkien or even its calendar in 1993, whether they take place in the Third Age or from The Silmarillion, the first book involving the creation of the world by Ilúvatar.

Per Entertainment Weekly, we have a first look at some of the artwork that will appear in The Fall of Númenor.

Alan Lee also made a statement about his return to Middle-earth.

“It is a pleasure to be able to explore the Second Age in more detail and learn more about those dark and ancient events, alliances and disasters that ultimately led to the stories of the Third Age that we know best. Whenever I had the opportunity while working on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I tried to imbue the images and designs with appropriate antiquity, layering of history and echoes of these older stories, and The Fall of Númenor proved to be a perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into Middle-earth’s rich history”.

This new novel, which describes the fall of the kingdom of men, is a collection of writings on the Second Age of Middle-earth and how Sauron the Deceiver brought about the end of Númenor, thus paving the way for the creation of Gondor and Arnor. The Númenor Chute releases November 10.

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