Al Thani teases BlueBay: "It’s funny that I attack the administrator"

Abdullah Al Thani reappeared on his famous Twitter account in a hesitant plan after learning that BlueBay, Málaga’s second largest shareholder (after Al Thani) had submitted a letter to the judge accusing José María Muñóz, the club’s judicial administrator, of “neglecting duties” and “a series of legal breaches”.

The sheikh entered the Malaga Hoy news thread where information was given on the brief presented by the hotel company chaired by Jamal Satli Iglesias. “LOL. It is so fun to see BlueBay attack the receiver and ask for the capital increase of the company NAS Spain. It is a company that I own. Ask them and the administrator where the checks (?) Of the team sponsorship are. Do they already have it or not? “

And Al Thani continued with his tweet presentation. “I am referring to the parent company in Spain, which is my personal property. As for the companies that were made by Moayad Shatat, I don’t admit it in the first place and I don’t know anything about it, as I mentioned to the judge. “

José María Muñoz has been the judicial administrator of Málaga by mandate of the head of the 14th Court of Málaga, María Ángeles Ruiz, since February 20, 2020. In recent statements, Muñoz let his continuity end when the magistrate considers that the aforementioned judicial administration is no longer necessary. BlueBay wants to take over the management of the club and considers that it does not need to continue to intervene and Al Thani wants to return with command in place as before his removal as president. This is the situation.

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