Al Khelaïfi reveals which team he is going with in the final

The president of PSG, Nasser Al Khelaïfi, gave an interview to ‘Rothen s’enflamme’, the program hosted by Jerôme Rothen on RMC Sport, in which he assessed the World Cup in Qatar and also revealed his team for the final. In it, the Qatari analyzed the news of PSG, He confirmed that he will sit down with Messi after the World Cup to talk about his future and, in addition, he also left the door open to a possible move from the Parc des Princes.

“If I go with France in the final? Of course, my club is French, my second country is France, but I also have a player in Argentina, Messi, and this is the last World Cup for him. Kylian is the only PSG player to have played in two finals in a row. That’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to this final, because it’s a great pleasure for me. I hope it’s France, but Argentina also had a good World Cup, with Leo… If I could, I’d give it to both of them, ”the PSG president confessed about his preferences for the final.

With two PSG stars in the final, Messi and Mbappé, the president of the ECA, who also leads the Parisians, did not forget Neymar: “The truth is that he was very sad when they eliminated him. As a fan, he wanted to see Brazil-Argentina, like everyone, we were waiting for this game, but the truth is that he was very sad, I know how much he did to come back when he was injured. For me, Brazil was one of the best teams here. neymar He gave everything, even more than the rest. Even with us, he had a great start to the season at his club. I hope to see him come back… It’s not easy for him. I spoke with him and with his father. He was ver y sad “.

On the renewal of Messi, who ends his contract next year, Al-Khelaïfi was optimistic: “If both parties want him to renew, it’s done. We told each other that we will talk after the World Cup. I have confirmed a thousand times that he is happy at PSG. He has had a great season. I think he wants to continue in the club“, said.

On Mbappé, who was rumored to feel “betrayed” by the PSG transfer market, Al-Khelaïfi stressed that he has a contract with the club: “Exactly, as you well know, Mbappé has a current contract with PSG. Kylian is really one of the best players in the world. He is a great human person, he is really magnificent,” he added.

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On the possible move of the current leader of Ligue 1 from Parc des Princes, the president expressed his desire to continue at the stadium: “Why doesn’t the deputy mayor meet with us? For me, the number one option is to stay in the Parque de los Príncipes. The second is the stay in the Parque de los Príncipes. My third option is to stay in the Parque de los Príncipes. But if the mayor of Paris or the city of Paris don’t want us to stay, they don’t want to do something for us… It’s like you invite me to your show but I don’t go in,” he said.

He continued: “I don’t want to talk about it too, but I know it’s a hot topic for the media. We are investing in the stadium. For Euro 2016, we paid a significant amount. We have invested more than 80 million in the stadium. We are doing the maximum with the capacity we have in the stadium. Thirdly, two or three years ago, Jean-Claude Blanc called me and said: “we have a problem with the Parc des Princes. He said the roof could collapse. We blocked two thousand seats so people wouldn’t come because it was dangerous. Safety is the most important thing to me. We don’t want to spend 500 or 600 million on another stadium. For us the most important thing is the pitch. We don’t want to make money with this stadium, we don’t want to make a shopping mall. What is the value of the Parc des Princes without PSG? Zero. I’ll say it bluntly. And when people tell me 350, I don’t know what, it’s not my problem, if you want to do shopping, buildings, real estate, flats maybe, but for us it’s just sport. What have we done for the city of Paris? How many people come to see Kylian, Messi and Neymar? How much tax do we pay? Taxes? We pay a lot.”

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