Home Sports Al-Ittihad pressures Ramos with an offer

Al-Ittihad pressures Ramos with an offer

Al-Ittihad pressures Ramos with an offer

Sergio Ramos’ football fate remains shrouded in mystery even after the market closure in Europe. Despite rumors linking him with a Sevilla return in recent weeks, the Spain defender remains without a team and may now be considering one last gamble in his career as Saudi Arabia continue to tempt him.

According to reports from Fabrizio Romano, Saudi Arabia-based team Al Ittihad are considering signing the 37-year-old veteran centre-back. The proposed offer would consist of a two-year contract with a release clause. This option represents an attractive alternative for Ramos, who is also considering offers from Turkey.

An iconic figure at both Real Madrid and the Spanish side, the Camas man has shaped a career defined by his leadership on the pitch and defensive prowess. His potential arrival in Saudi Arabia would add a new chapter to his career, giving him the chance to experience a different football culture and apply his extensive experience in a competitive environment.

A league for clear media growth

The prospect of joining Al Ittihad underscores the growth of football in the Middle East, which has attracted top players looking for unique challenges in the later stages of their careers. The prospect of being part of a development project and influencing how football develops in the region could be a deciding factor for Ramos in his final decision.

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