Al Horford, a key player in the Celtics seeking their first title in almost 15 years

The Dominican Republic woke up proud this Monday, after one of its greatest representatives in the world of sports left the tricolor flag at the top, his name: Al Horford, native of Puerto Plata.

Horford simply shone, being for the Boston Celtics a fundamental player to eliminate to the NBA champions, the Milwaukee Bucks.

During a feisty seven-game series, the Dominican set his career high for points in a playoff game in his 15 seasons, making his best appearance in Game 4 of the Second Round of the postseason.

That day Horford scored 30 points, including 5 shots in 7 attempts from the three-point line, adorned with 8 rebounds and 3 assists, driving the 116-108 victory of the Celtics, who at that time were losing the series against the league monarchs.

Determinant throughout the playoffs

The 35-year-old has been one of the main weapons on both ends of the floor for the Celtics throughout the course of the postseason.starting in the team’s starting five in each game.

During this course, the veteran sows a line of averages per game of points, rebounds and assists of 13/9.4/3.4, maintaining a good efficiency by scoring 52.4% of his attempts at the hoop, with 45.1% from the arc of three .

Other data underline wonders of his lucidity from defense, as have been their confrontations in pursuit of neutralizing Giannis Antetokounmpo in their first four clashes in these playoffs.

According to StatMuse, a statistical and data collection site, they point out that Giannis only managed to score 15 baskets in 49 attempts when he has been defended by Horford (30.6%) during the first four games of the series, improving drastically when the defense has been from another Celtics player (53.8%).

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Forerunner of a new trend

The words “big man” in the NBA have radically changed their meaning in recent years, long ago we could well focus on that large player who defended and only scored against the paint, although in our days It is a trend with great changes.

Today we can see the so-called “big men” being an option to shoot anywhere on the court, from the triple arc or any area of ​​​​the perimeter, as well as equally his shooting nature against the paint.

Horford as a player has been a figure linked to these changes, a player who can delight his offense from anywhere on the court, as well as being a skillful melee defender with his back to the rim, followed by being able to set guidelines for his defense in the perimeter.

This without forgetting his contributions even when he does not carry the ball, with the ability to clean the pitch for better shot options from your teammates through curtains.

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