Akshay Kumar wanted to play a supporting role in Aamir Khan’s film, was rejected at the audition

In fact, Akshay Kumar is currently one of the biggest superstar actors in Bollywood. In the current era, Khiladi Kumar makes the most movies in a year. Fans are also looking forward to these Akki movies. But there was a time when Akshay Kumar wanted to work with the famous Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, but Akki was rejected from that Aamir movie and he was replaced by another artist.He became Aamir’s supporting hero.

In the year 1992, the film Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, made under the direction of director Mansoor Khan, was one of the most spectacular films of Aamir Khan’s career. Alongside Aamir, actors like Deepak Tijori, Pooja Bedi and Ayesha Julka were present in this film full of drama of friendship, emotion and enmity. Deepik Tijori played the supporting hero of Aamir Khan in this film, in which the character’s name was Shekhar Malhotra. Akshay Kumar had auditioned 30 years ago for the role of Shekhar Malhotra, but in those struggling days, Akki was rejected for this role. Akshay has recently given this information during an interview with the media. As Akshay Deepak Tijori, I did a screen test for the character, in which I didn’t like it because maybe it was shit. So he didn’t have that chance. However, director Mansoor Khan has steadfastly denied calling Akki trash.

The story of Akshay Kumar’s struggle is well known. Akki, who belongs to a Punjabi family, has revealed in many media interviews that he had to face a lot of difficulties in feeding himself during the first days of acting. There are even reports that Akki had also worked as a safe at the hotel. But Akshay Kumar never gave up and in the 90’s, due to his strong acting and action scenes, Khiladi Kumar took his own place. Because Akki is one of the biggest selected superstars in Bollywood in the current era.

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