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Akshay Kumar on the language debate: “I don’t believe in this division between North and South”

Akshay Kumar on the language debate: "I don't believe in this divide of north and south"

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has also expressed his views on the ongoing national language debate. For the uninitiated; the recent success of pan-Indian movies like RRR, KGF: Chapter 2 and Pushpa: The Rise has blurred the language barrier in India.
This prompted various industry insiders to express their views on the national language of India. When Kiccha Sudeep claimed that Hindi no longer has the status of a national language, Ajay Devgn contradicted him. Now it has become a debate. Now Akshay also shares his opinion on the matter.

In a recent interview with a major news portal, Akshay Kumar was asked what he thinks about the language debate. The 54-year-old actor responded by saying that he does not recognize the divide between the North and South Indian film industries. “I don’t believe in this gap. I hate when someone talks about South or North. We are all a film industry. I think we should stop asking this question.”

“It is important that we understand that this is how the British divided us. They took care of that distribution. It seems that we have not learned our lesson, because we still do not understand this. The day we understand that we are all a film industry, I think things will improve a lot, ”she adds.

He also says that he does not believe in the term pan-Indian movies. “All I want is for all the movies to work, and that’s it,” he says with a laugh.

Akshay Kumar can be seen in the Prithviraj movie starting June 3, along with Sonu Sood and Manushi Chhillar.

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