Akshay Kumar made OMG 2 for free, the producer made a shocking revelation

7 days have passed since the release of OMG 2. If you don’t compare it to Gadar 2, the film is a good collection. Meanwhile, it was revealed that the film was made on a budget of Rs 150 million. At the same time, there were also reports that Akshay Kumar asked for a fee of 50 crore rupees for this film. To put an end to all these rumours, Viacom Motion Picture CEO Ajit Andhare has made a shocking revelation. Ajit said that Akshay Kumar didn’t charge a single rupee for this film. At the same time, shocking things were said about the film’s budget.

OMG 2 has been well received by critics and audiences alike. While Akshay was known for delivering non-stop flop movies for a while, OMG 2 was a big risk for him. The film proved to be a success upon its release. After that, many questions about Akshay’s fee also surfaced. Now, Viacom Motion Picture CEO Ajit Andhare has answered all these questions and uncovered many rumors.

Ajit told Pinkvilla in an interview: “Akshay Kumar didn’t even take a single rupee for this film. He also took a financial and creative risk with us.” Discussing the film’s budget, Ajit said that the film’s budget was overstated. Me and Akshay have known each other for a long time. We have had a connection since the first part of Special 26, Toilet Ek Prem Katha and OMG.”

Ajith continued, “OMG-2 would not have been possible without Akshay. It was impossible for anyone to make such a film. Akshay did his best for this film.”

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According to media reports, the budget of this Akshay starring film is around 50 to 60 crores. At the same time, this film has so far brought in a sales volume of 85 crores. Accordingly, the film can be considered a hit. At the same time, the CEO of Viacom Motion Picture also said that the film’s budget was not as much as 150 crores.

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