Sunny Deol and Aishwarya Rai offered Prithviraj before Akshay and Manushi: The powerful trailer for Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s long-awaited movie ‘Prithviraj’ has been released. The spectacular look of all the characters can be seen in the trailer for the film. Manushi Chhillar’s partner is seen with Akshay Kumar in the film. This is the debut film of former Miss World Manushi Chhillar. Audiences will be able to see this couple together on screen for the first time. However, it is heard that neither was the filmmakers’ first choice for the film.

Actually, although this movie will be released in the year 2022, actually the plan to make the movie was made in the year 2010. According to reports, at that time Chandraprakash Dwivedi prepared the script for the movie and was looking for a star cast, but at that time no production company showed interest in making this film. Later, this film was stored in cold storage. Let us tell you that he then wanted to cast Sunny Deol and Aishwarya Rai for this main lead role. It is said that he did not discuss dating with Sunny Deol. However, even after the movie was canned, Chandraprakash, the writer of this story, still wanted to make this movie. So in the year 2018 the talk was made with Yash Raj Films. He showed interest in this project and in 2019, Akshay Kumar’s name was finalized for this lead role.

The interesting thing is that the planning to make the film started 12 years ago. When work began on the same film, it was completed in just 42 days. It should be known that due to the Corona epidemic, the release date of the film has been extended several times. Previously, it was supposed to be released on Diwali in the year 2020, but it couldn’t happen. Now finally this movie will be released in theaters on June 3, 2022.

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