Akhenaton: The French rapper opposes compulsory vaccination on Twitter

France President Emmanuel Macron’s announcements about the health pass and mandatory vaccination for health personnel continue to spark debate. And while demonstrations took over the French streets this Saturday, Marseille rapper Akhenaton also voiced his opinion on social media.

In a video of more than a minute, the artist takes a stand against mandatory vaccination. “No mandatory vaccination, no health pass” can be read in his tweet. In the footage, the 52-year-old rapper appears to have filmed himself.

He begins his speech by arguing that he and the other members of his rap group, IAM, share the same opinion on the subject.

“I repeat and repeat for many months, with the IAM group we are against the health passport, against mandatory vaccination with wear or not in the case of caregivers and other professions”.

Concerned about future generations, Akhenaten makes it clear “that our freedoms are at stake” and believes that “these laws are extremely dangerous for everyone’s future”.

He also invites all members of the medical profession or even “journalists who have another view to speak”.

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