Ajay Devgan’s daughter was spotted enjoying a party in Dubai ahead of New Years, the dance video went viral

Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s daughter, Nyasa Devgan (), is currently celebrating New Year in Dubai. A video of Nyasa recently surfaced on social media. In the video, she is seen dancing with her friends at a party. His friends Orhan Avtarmani and Tania Shroff have also appeared with him at the party.

In fact, this video of Nyasa has appeared on Instagram. In the video, Nysa is seen dancing with her friend Tania wearing a black slit skirt and a printed Versace top. At the same time, Tania could also be seen enjoying her drink while she danced, the video is only five seconds long but it is going quite viral on social networks. Tell them that Tania has been dating ‘Tadap’ actor Ahaan for a long time.

While before this, Orhan Avatarani had also shared some more photos from this vacation. Ahan Shetty and businessman Vedant Mahajan were also seen with him in these images. Apart from this, Orhan also shared some photos from the flight. In which Nyasa posed with a passport and a drink.

Tell them that 19-year-old Nyasa recently completed her studies at the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Singapore and is continuing her studies in Switzerland. On the other hand, if Nyasa’s father, Ajay Devgan, is to be believed, she has yet to mention to him that she wants to work in movies. Tell him that Nyasa is quite famous on social media. Where videos of her and photos of her go viral every day.

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