Ajay Devgan is absorbed in the devotion of Lord Ayyappa these days and that is why he has performed 41 days of hard sadhna. Two days ago Ajay Devgan was seen wearing black clothes, wearing tilak on his forehead and walking barefoot, then people thought that was his look in the upcoming remake of Ajay Devgan’s South Kaithi, but it’s not like that, no, but it was your resolution for Lord Ayyappa. And it fulfilled this resolution very well.

According to media reports, Ajay Devgan has been doing harsh penance for the past 41 days before Lord Ayyappa’s darshan. He is seen mainly in black clothes. She has not cut her hair or nails for 41 days, sleeps on the floor and eats simple meals only once. And all this is to please Lord Ayyappa. It is necessary to follow this strict rule for 41 days before Lord Ayyappa darshan in Sabarimala. This temple is open for darshan from November to January. Therefore, before darshan, Ajay Devgan followed this rule and had darshan.

There are reports that Ajay Devgan will be seen in the Hindi remake of South’s blockbuster film, Kaithi. And soon the shooting of this movie will begin. But before shooting, he has done this difficult sadhna and has darshan from God and received blessings. These photos of Ajay Devgan are going viral on social media. By the way, let us tell you that before Ajay Devgan, Amitabh Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi have also made such devotion to Lord Ayyappa.



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