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Aitor Sanz Unveils Tenerife’s New Look

Aitor Sanz acts as a model and presents the new 'skin' of Tenerife

Tor Sanz modeled the new Tenerife shirt for the 2024-25 season, showcasing a bold design with a predominantly white t-shirt featuring a blurred blue cross. The great blue and white captain was joined by young player Teto Martín in a video promoting the renewed “skin”.

The design was created by the brand Hummel, which highlighted the blue circular collar and the embroidered shield. The new shirt is already available in-store at Tenerife and online, priced at 80 euros.

However, fan reception on social media was mixed, with some complaining about the blue cross on the shirt and arguing that it should have been reserved for the reserve shirt to respect the island’s flag and club shield. Others felt the price of the shirt was excessive given the socioeconomic situation on the island.

On the positive side, fans described the garment as “spectacular”, “beautiful”, or “incredible”.

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