Aitana Bonmatí is attacked by Ultra Facha Jiménez Losantos

The recent wave of criticism of Aitana Bonmatí

Aitana Bonmati, a well-known Catalan soccer player and activist, was recently targeted by the hurricane due to controversial comments made by Federico Jiménez Losantos. This situation has caused a stir on social networks and the media, calling both into question player like the announcer.

Aitana’s personal history and connection to Catalonia run deep, and it’s disturbing how certain episodes of his life are used to create polarizing narratives. Known not only for her talent on the pitch but also for her firm stance against machismo and authoritarianism, the player is no stranger to dealing with media figures. But this episode goes beyond the professional and touches on personal aspects.

Portrait of Jiménez Losantos, mentioned in the article related to Aitana Bonmatí.
Image of Jiménez Losantos, whose comments on Aitana Bonmatí have sparked widespread debate.

Losantos and his rhetoric against Bonmatí

Federico Jiménez Losantos hasn’t let up in his attacks against Aitana. He recently made allegations and derogatory comments about the footballer on his show Es Radio. Aitana’s relationship with her father, Vicent Conca, was the focus of this criticism. Losantos uses Conca’s past to discredit and attack Aitana.

These statements have not only outraged the Catalan community, but also provoked widespread rejection. Social media was deluged with messages in support of Aitana Bonmatí and against Jiménez Losantos’ divisive and insulting rhetoric.

A past that is still present

In his statements, Losantos referred to a tragic episode in his life: the attack he suffered in 1981, attributed to Terra Lliure. The direct connection he makes between this attack and Aitana’s father is seen by many as an attempt at media manipulation.

The player’s role in this whole scandal was exemplary. Aitana handled the situation with maturity and dignity, who demonstrated his strength both on and off the field. The solidarity shown to her reflects the support that society offers to people who, like her, face hatred and division.

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