Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Home Business AirPods Pro: Amazon offers Apple wireless headphones at -24% this weekend

AirPods Pro: Amazon offers Apple wireless headphones at -24% this weekend

At Amazon, you can get Apple’s famous AirPods Pro wireless headphones for less and save 66 euros. The online sales giant offers home delivery and free returns if you are not satisfied. Apple’s AirPods Pro headphones cost 213 euros at Amazon, while their original price is 279 euros. These headphones concentrate all the Apple technology: active noise reduction that isolates outside sounds and envelops you in a musical bubble, transparency mode to listen to conversations around you, and spatial audio that adjusts the music according to your movements. Whatever you do, sound envelops you and follows you. Taste an immersive experience of your favorite music, all while saving 66 euros thanks to this good Amazon plan.

The AirPods Pro give you a nice 24-hour battery life with a wireless charging case. Stop worrying about lost or damaged cables and cords. With the MagSafe charger, you can charge your headphones and their case without using a single wire. This is also the practicality of Apple headphones. Their wireless system makes them easy to transport, use and configure. Their Bluetooth connects with all your devices and smartphones, even if you’re not using an iPhone. They are universal and customizable earphones. Amazon delivers them to you with three silicone tips so that you can adapt them to the shape of your ears. Their comfort is thus better. To order the AirPods Pro at a discount, head to Amazon.

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