Airlines say they are jealous that “fifth freedoms” are granted to foreign airlines

The Dominican Association of Air Lines (ADLA) expressed its position before the granting of "fifth freedoms" from the Dominican State to international airlines.

The country recently held a new air transport agreement with the Kingdom of Spain, which, among other aspects, contemplates the fifth freedom air traffic right for combined cargo and passenger flights, in a reciprocal manner.

“ADLA understands that the country, as an island and with notable tourism potential, needs to promote connectivity that allows it not only to maintain the current flow of visitors, but also to increase the number of tourists we receive each year. With this in mind, it is easy to understand that for many decades air agreements have been signed that authorize foreign operators to operate Quintas Libertades”, expressed Omar Chahin, president of the entity.

“This tool, well used, allows to maximize the arrival of passengers. The important point and what as an association we have always been jealous is to ensure that these freedoms are granted for destinations where Dominican airlines have neither the capacity nor the intention to operate, so that airlines from other states market them,” Chahin stressed.

“At the same time, so that Dominican airlines can reciprocally take advantage of this agreement, the regulatory environment and tax framework required must be created so that they can compete on an equal footing with their foreign counterparts, adding significantly to the government’s intention to boost tourism, increasing the current offer and exploiting new markets”, concluded the trade unionist.

He said that on numerous occasions ADLA has claimed that national air transport needs to have state policies that promote the strengthening and growth of the national air supply.

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