Airline to refuse unvaccinated passengers on its flights

As of February 1, 2022, anyone wishing to board an Air New Zealand flight will need to provide a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. This measure will apply to all passengers of the airline company New Zealand, whatever their nationality, reveals Air Journal.

This will apply even if the country of departure and / or the country of destination have not made vaccination compulsory on their territory. “As always, there will be people who disagree,” said the CEO of Air New Zealand. “But we know it’s the right thing to do to protect our staff, our customers and the New Zealand community. “

An international trend

Only passengers providing proof that vaccination is impossible for them for medical reasons may be exempted. The decision was taken as New Zealand, until then more or less spared from the pandemic, recently recorded new cases of the coronavirus. This Tuesday, 42 new cases were listed.

The government therefore now requires that any foreigner aged 17 and over be fully vaccinated to enter its territory. New Zealand is not the first country to impose such regulations. In August, Canada announced that starting in October, vaccination would be mandatory for all federal officials and employees in the transportation sectors.

The measure was then extended to passengers. Likewise, the American company United Airlines and the Australian Qantas had also considered such a measure, last January, but had ultimately imposed it only on their staff, recalls Capital.

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