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Air pollution kills 300,000 people in Europe

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has revealed that if the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines had been followed, almost all human lives lost in the EU during 2019 could have been saved.

The European Environment Agency said in a new report that air pollution caused more than 370,000 deaths in the European Union in 2019 and that at least half of them could have been saved from untimely deaths.

The report also details the deadly particles in the atmosphere of EU member states. The report states that air quality was measured by the amount of fine particles, especially nitrogen dioxide and then ozone on the ground.

According to the international media, the report said that air pollution in the European Union has definitely decreased in 2019 as compared to 2018, but this number is also alarming.

It should be noted that the WHO has published its new guidelines on air pollution this year. According to the European Environment Agency, if these guidelines were already available and could be properly implemented in 2019, at least half of the total deaths, or about 178,000 people, would have been saved from untimely deaths. Could go


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