Home World Air India’s decision to buy 470 new aircraft

Air India’s decision to buy 470 new aircraft

Air India's decision to buy 470 new aircraft

Indian Airline ‘Air India’ has announced its expansion plan to establish itself globally and compete in the market.

According to international media reports, Air India has decided to spend 70 billion dollars to attract passengers and make the company attractive for air travel.

The project includes procurement of new aircraft, modern amenities for passengers, provision of seats of traditional design inside the aircraft.

Air India will buy 470 jets from Boeing and Airbus, including 220 from Boeing and 250 from Airbus. The company will receive six new aircraft manufactured by Russian airline Aeroflot later this year.

Air India CEO Campbell Wilson says that by the end of this year, passengers will see a major change and by the end of 2024, the public will be provided with massive facilities that will be modern and brand new. .

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