Air forces of 4 European countries united against Russia

Four European countries supporting Ukraine in the war have drawn up defense plans to counter Russia.

The air force commanders of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark say they have signed off on a plan to create a unified Nordic air defense force to counter Russia.

According to statements by the armed forces of the four countries, they plan joint operations based on already known ways of working under NATO.

Denmark’s air force commander, Major General Jan Damm, told Reuters news agency that the move to merge the air forces was triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. He said that our combined fleet can be compared to that of a large European country.

Norway has 57 F16 fighter jets and 37 F35 fighter jets.

Finland has sixty-two F/A-18 Hornet jets and sixty-four F-35s on order, while Denmark has fifty-eight F-16s and twenty-seven F-35s on order. Sweden has more than 90 Gripen jets.

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