Air firing on new year, bullets hit the planes, 3 people injured

On the occasion of the grand celebration of the New Year in Lebanon, there was heavy aerial firing, the bullets of which hit the planes parked over Beirut, 3 people were injured.

The Middle Eastern country is suffering from economic difficulties, but its citizens do not forget to celebrate the New Year in a grand manner. Despite the high cost of explosives, there was heavy firing in many areas, two planes were also hit and many people were injured.

According to Arab media, three people were injured in Beirut and Tripoli during the New Year celebration in Lebanon, while two passenger planes were also damaged at Rafiq Hariri International Airport, while a person’s mobile phone was stolen while leaving the airport. He was miraculously saved by air gunfire.

The passenger planes that were hit by aerial fire are the Airbus A321 and New Aircraft of two Middle Eastern airlines, which suffered minor damage.

After the incident, additional security measures have been taken under the supervision of Interior Minister Bassam Maulvi. Bassam Maulvi visited the check points and appreciated the security forces personnel for their efforts and sacrifices. He urged the security personnel to strictly enforce the law while observing human rights laws.

In this regard, the Directorate General of Internal Security Forces says that the process of identifying the people involved in the shooting incidents is ongoing. So far, 116 people have been identified and are facing arrests.

The Directorate General has asked the public to report on these persons and identify the persons involved in aerial firing.

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It should be noted that before the New Year celebration, the Interior Minister declared aerial firing as a crime and promised severe punishment to the perpetrators and the security agencies also warned against firing in public places and near the airport. While check posts were also established.

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