Air conditioners of the Gran Teatro del Cibao, the never ending problem

The main hall of the Gran Teatro del Cibao, called Sala de la Restauración, has presented problems with the air conditioning in recent days, a situation that affected the presentation in Santiago of “Immunidad de Rebaño”, a show by comedian Carlos Sánchez.

The entity’s communications director, Francisco Sanchis, explained to Listín Diario that Sánchez’s presentation is the only one that has been delayed so far, after indicating that the scheduled activities will be carried out on the established date.

He also revealed that he is in communication with the Ministry of Culture, in order to carry out the corresponding process to solve the situation, and thus continue to develop the agenda of activities scheduled for the end of the year.

Sanchis added that in the past management the air conditioners had presented failures due to lack of maintenance, but that this time the problem was caused by a burned part, which caused a high voltage that ended up damaging the ventilation equipment of the room.


The air conditioning equipment was installed in 2007 at a cost of RD $ 30 million.

As of that date, it had not presented any damage until June 2015 when in Miriam Cruz’s presentation “30 years of a Diva”, the public criticized the high temperatures registered. In the same way, in the launch of the musical project “Salvémonos”, of the Ministry of Culture, portable airs were used due to the situation generated.

In this same year and for the same reason, other works such as “La Quiero a las Dos" starring Georgina Duluc, Nashla Bogaert and Félix Germán. Like “The best of the 3 fears with Cuquín”. Regarding the work in which Duluc participated, it generated controversy by complaining on their social networks.

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For 2018, the situation was repeated when two valves were damaged, to which according to Brenda Sánchez, former director at that time, the new acquisition of these equipment was necessary due to the problems that already presented, as they were fixed and deteriorated again.

In 2021, the same problem occurred again in La Sala de La Restauración, which led to the postponement of the activity on November 6, where the comedian Carlos Sánchez was going to perform with his live comedy “Inmunidad de Rebaño”, for which showed his sadness in a video posted on his Instagram before this situation that “gets out of his hands.”


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