Aindrila Sharma was honored posthumously

Mahbubur Rahman Chazhi or Chazhi Alam is getting married. Despite being on the Bachelor team for so long, this actor needs to be on the roof.

His wedding ceremony will take place on Friday night after Gayhlud on Thursday.

It is known that the bride’s name is Tultul.

She is a girl from Dhaka. Farmer Alam did not say what he did after graduation.

Farmer Alak said, “We are getting married as a family.” Yesterday, a Gayehlud ceremony was held in our village house.

“Today we will hold a wedding ceremony at a restaurant in Gulshan.”

Chashi Alam’s drama Bachelor Point made her popular. However, Marjuk has been discussed by acting in several plays with Russell.

Last Eid several dramas starring Chazhi Alam were released.

YouTube has been trending for several days. Among them, two plays “Kidney” and “Female-3” directed by Kajal Arefin Ami have received great response.

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