Ain: released from prison, he almost overthrows gendarmes and returns to cell

His freedom was short-lived. In Valserhône (Ain), a 23-year-old man, released from prison for a few days, was arrested by the gendarmerie after a chase.

The facts took place on October 1, when the motorist refused to obey the gendarmes. While the soldiers noticed the expired sticker of his insurance, the man indeed decided to restart his vehicle and start a chase with the police, says Progress.

The driver did everything to sow the gendarmerie, even passing twice at full speed in front of a primary school. He was eventually cornered by a municipal police car. By attempting a last-chance reverse, the man almost ran over two gendarmes, who ended up arresting him and placing him in police custody.

During his trial last Thursday, the suspect denied having fled at full speed, justifying that the vehicle belonged to a friend and that he was driving without a license. The prosecution then requested 18 months in prison against the motorist, with a committal warrant.

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