AI images of explosion at Pentagon cause dip in financial markets

Artificial intelligence is fantastic and is currently taking steps that most people could not have foreseen some time ago. Unfortunately, this also entails certain dangers. This time that danger manifests itself in images of an explosion at the Pentagon in the United States.

Those were published through a verified Twitter account named Bloomberg Feed which of course imitated the great Bloomberg.

Criticism on Twitter

The criticism on Twitter is not tender and that is understandable. Anyone who is okay with paying about 10 euros per month can have their account verified. There is still a small check before you are granted access, but apparently it is fine if an account has a similar name to a major news publication.

Somehow it is strange that the auditors at Twitter had not thought that a name like Bloomberg Feed has what it takes to influence the financial markets in this way. Now it’s all still not too bad with the dip, but the people behind this account may have benefited from this with shorts.

On the other hand, it should not be difficult to find out who did this in this way. If it really concerns large amounts, a lawsuit can of course be started. Making a profit on the financial markets in this way is, of course, strictly prohibited.

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Picked up all over the world

The fake Bloomberg Feed message was almost immediately picked up by all kinds of major news publications. Including Russia’s gigantic Russia Today, which has 3 million followers. The Indian Republic also forwarded the message to its 2.8 million followers on Twitter.

In the meantime, both news stations would have removed the message. Local authorities, including the Pentagon Force Protection Agency responsible for the building’s security, said they were aware of the news and confirmed there was “no explosion or incident.”

The S&P 500 briefly fell 0.26 percent on the news. That’s not a huge dip, but that small percentage does represent a huge amount of capital. However, the stock market recovered quickly after it became known that AI images were involved.

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