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AI crypto steals the show thanks to new news developments

AI crypto stelen de show dankzij nieuwsontwikkelingen

The crypto market is cautiously turning green, but that’s all artificial intelligence (AI) or cryptocurrencies based on artificial intelligence have recorded significant increases in the last few days. Certain developments have revived the hype around AI and this can be clearly seen in the price trends of AI cryptos.

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AI crypto takes off like a rocket

There are several developments in the world of artificial intelligence. For example, OpenAI, the company behind the hugely popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, fired its CEO Sam Altman this past weekend. Today: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Altman was tasked with “leading a new cutting-edge AI research team.”

Elon Musk also dropped this Sunday knowledge that shareholders of X Corp, formerly Twitter, will acquire a 25 percent stake in the artificial intelligence company xAI, which was founded in July. Earlier this month, xAI began testing its Grok chatbot, which will compete with ChatGPT.

All in all, AI has gained some attention again, which has had a positive impact on the prices of the corresponding altcoins.

With an increase of almost 18 percent, Fetch.ai is currently in third place among the fastest risers within the top 100 crypto coins. Other AI coins that have risen sharply include Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), SingularityNET (AGIX), and Bitsor (TAO), which gained 19.84, 14.43, and 9.25 percent, respectively, in the last 24 hours have.

Data from CoinGecko shows that all AI-related cryptocurrencies combined saw a 12.2 percent increase in value. This brings the total market capitalization to $6.83 billion.

GROK meme crypto

The launch of Grok about two weeks ago did not go unnoticed in the crypto world. In a very short time, countless new memecoins appeared, each related to the new chatbot.

It turns out that one of the largest of these tokens, GROK, was released by scammers. In a short period of time, the value of this memecoin increased by more than 30,000 percent. However, when the fraud was discovered, GROK’s value took a significant hit.

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