Ahsoka: Dave Filoni Explains Why Sith Lightsabers Look Orange

Released just a few days ago on the occasion of the Star Wars Celebrationthe first trailer of the series Ahsokawhich will follow the adventures of the rebel Jedi, has already been talked about a lot, both by its many easter eggs only by a detail that has not gone unnoticed by fans of the universe: the lightsabers of the antagonists, Baylon and Shin, appear to have a much more orange hue than the Sith ones we’ve seen on screen recently.

The producer Dave Filoni therefore hastened to respond to the most worried, and brought a deeper meaning to this color which already seems to be the subject of debate; the latter confirmed that the color of the sabers were indeed more orange, and that “nothing was accidental”:

I made it a bit more orange. And it does really well. It was very intentional. I didn’t just make them a bright red. I remember when I was a kid Vader’s lightsaber oscillated between visual effects and a little more orange. I didn’t mean to go straight to orange, but it kind of identifies something to kids that they might not be right away what you think they are at first. It’s good that you understood that. Nothing is accidental.

Dave Filoni – at ScrenRant

Filoni Could also have been inspired by the difference in tint of Obi-Wan’s lightsaber blade between Episode IV: A New Hopein which it appears in a much paler blue color than in the new trilogy (I-II-III), in order to perhaps recall the special effects of the time for the most melancholy.

Obi-Wan Episode IV & Episode III / lucasfilm

Although the colors of the sabers have their importance in the Star Wars universe – each one having a meaning for their wearer – there was no doubt that the Red color was associated with the Sith using the dark side of the Force.

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Nevertheless, Baylon and Shinwhich seem to have a direct link with the Grand Admiral Thrawnbrandish an orange saber, which could reveal a different meaning for these antagonists: they could be Sith using less conventional techniques than those usually used, or even non-aligned Force users.

Ahsoka season 1 / Lucasfilm

In the popular culture of Star Warswe now know that the Sith use synthetic Kyber crystals red to make their lightsaber. With the final trilogy and the introduction of Kilo Renthe public discovered a new form further removed from the original lightsabermore cartoonish of the sword and more chaotic blade undulations. Ahsoka could thus, like postlogy, introduce a new version of the lightsaber to the cinematic universe users of the dark side of the Force.

The first season by Ahsoka will be discovered from from August 2023 exclusively on Disney+.

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