Ahmed Masood will lay down arms in front of Taliban, claims British newspaper

The British newspaper Telegraph has revealed in its report that Ahmed Masood, the son of Ahmad Shah Masood, the legendary Afghan commander of Panjshir Valley, has started preparing to surrender to the Taliban.

According to British media reports The Taliban are advancing rapidly for the first time to seize the stronghold of the opposition in the Panjshir Valley, while Ahmed Masood has failed to gain the support of the international community, so he is preparing to lay down his arms.

The British newspaper The Telegraph claimed that Ahmed Masood’s senior adviser had told the newspaper that due to lack of resources and international support, hundreds of Ahmed Masood’s fighters in the Panjshir Valley were in favor of a ceasefire with the Taliban.

Ahmed Masood’s adviser told the newspaper that Panjshir could not fight the Taliban, it was not the 1980s and now Taliban forces had taken over the country.

Why are the five lions still invincible?

On the other hand, the Taliban leadership says it will still prefer talks to war, but has completed preparations. We want the Panjshir Valley issue to be resolved through dialogue instead of war.

Earlier, hundreds of Taliban fighters were sent to the Panjshir Valley to take control of the Panjshir Valley, while the Taliban gave Ahmed Masood a few hours to hand over the Panjshir Valley.

Ahmed Masood said that the Soviet Union has fought and is capable of fighting the Taliban, if the Taliban refuse to negotiate, war will be inevitable.

It should be noted that the whole of Afghanistan is a difficult place in terms of geography and location, but Panjshir is a complex province of the whole country where there is no road system and the whole region is surrounded by mountains.

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Will Ahmad Masood save five lions from Taliban like his father?

The Panjshir Valley strengthens its location defensively. Access to the valley is possible only by a narrow route along the Panjshir River.

Will Ahmad Masood save five lions from Taliban like his father?

The valley is located along the famous Hindu Kush mountain range, while the Panch Sher River is one of the most important rivers in Afghanistan. Panj Sher is located at an average altitude of 2200 meters above sea level while some of its places are also at an altitude of 6000 meters above sea level.


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