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Agustín Tapia, the eighth WPT number one

Agustín Tapia, the eighth WPT number one

On Sunday, in Vigo, the number one change in the WPT ranking arrived: Agustín Tapia takes command alone, which in the last three years has been a matter of Lebrón and Galán. In the list of active players who have been the dominators are, chronologically, Fernando Belasteguín, Juan Martín Díaz, Pablo Lima, Maxi Sánchez, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Juan Lebrón, Paquito Navarro, Ale Galán, and now Tapia, with 205 points ahead of the second, his teammate Arturo Coello.

Tapia reaches number one at the age of 22, but it has been several seasons since his talent was known in paddle tennis: Juan Martín Díaz, a legend, chose him as a partner when he was not yet 19 years old. However, Juan’s injuries prevented him from seeing the couple in action. Then it was Fernando Belasteguín who called him to accompany him, with changes of sides on the court for Bela and Agus himself, who ended up returning to his position and signing up with another number one, Sanyo Gutiérrez, the magician on the right with whom he played the 2022 season.

In June of last year, the Sanyo recognized that “for quality, Tapia and Coello would be an ideal couple; then we would have to see how they perform together”. At the end of the season Tapia called Coelloleft-handed and with Belasteguín, and decided to form a couple That in the preseason raised doubts, but the competition began and they have a streak of seven tournaments without losing in the WPT and turning around the ranking that seemed exclusive to Galán and Lebrón.

Agustín Tapia is not very tall (1.79) but on the court he is a giant, and at this moment he is possibly the one who finishes best in movement. Although the highlights of him are his recoveries off the track, and his ability to invent implausible blows on the fly. Pure talent on the paddle tennis courts, although he will still have to fight in the ranking of the International Federation because the previous season he barely played Premier tournaments.

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