Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello, the couple that breaks the mold

Prudent, educated, restrained, Agustín Tapia (Catamarca, 23 years old) and Arturo Coello (Valladolid, 21) recover the number one of the World Padel Tour coupleswhich gave in Denmark because they did not show up (Coello’s injury) but that he became his again after the vienna open from last week. Eight tournaments played and eight won: 37 victories in a row to sign one of the best starts in the history of paddle tennis.

“When we started the season in February I did not imagine this trajectory; I didn’t even think about it in my wildest dreams, ”says Tapia, who now explains that he wants to“ maintain the dynamics and go as far as possible ”. Furthermore, Augustine became Vigo in individual number one, the fifth Argentinian of those who participate in the circuit.

From this Monday the new number one in the world ranking, the fourth Spaniard to achieve it, after Lebrón, Paquito Navarro and Galán, is Arturo Coello from Valladolid “Actually, I felt number one after the Vigo Open, because due to the points from last year, if we continue to win, Agus and I will alternate until the end of the year,” says this 1.90-meter left-hander. .

The couple has in common having played alongside the best ever, Fernando Belasteguin, that ended with Tapia so as not to delay the evolution of his compatriot, a setback in the drive position, and the previous year he played with Coello. In the summer of 2022 Tapia, then a Sanyo partner, decided to call Arturo, and together they became a couple that earned criticism because in the world of paddle tennis it was estimated that they still needed veterans by their side to complete their training.

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In the preseason they generated doubts, their coaches admit. But the Abu Dhabi Master came, they won, then the victories followed (37) to become the youngest leading couple in history, and since yesterday Coello is the Benjamin of the one, because he is at 21, and Bela was already 22 when he ascended the throne. “What it is about is continuing to enjoy on the track, to cover ourselves and pull each other in the matches,” says Coello.

This week they are playing Master of Marbellto; is the couple to beat, number one seed. The only couple that always arrives on Sunday, which means an accumulation of fatigue and physical effort. That is why he has missed a tournament, that is why this week in Vienna he has played with a cumbersome bandage on his right elbow, and that is why this Monday Coello has spent a good part of the day in the hands of a physiotherapist.

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