Aguado and Weissman sign the white-and-violet domain

Real Valladolid returned to add three by three after adding zero of nine in a duel that dominated from the beginning and in which only the lack of effectiveness kept Alcorcón alive until the last minutes. Supported by an immense Álvaro Aguado, who showed off before the coach who gave him the alternative in Second in Córdoba, the pucelanos went over their rival and could get a scandal win, but they met a sensational Dani Jiménez who made half a dozen saves of great merit.

The blanquivioletas were masters of the first part. From the beginning they looked for the goal of Dani Jiménez, inside and on the wings. The ball was blanquivioleta and the Alcorcón was hiding in its two lines of four looking for a dangerous counter. Aguado, a player who grows every game, was the protagonist of these first minutes to the point of being the author of the first goal. On an inside play he received Weissman’s inside pass and did not get nervous to beat the goal potter. The forward giving the pass to the midfielder for him to score, the partridges throwing themselves at the shotguns. The goal did not change the panorama of the meeting. The pucelanos pushed looking for the second, while the Madrilenians could not get out of their field. Those of Pacheta were trying, pressing all over the field, from outside the area. Weissman and Roque Mesa saw their shots go up and the Israeli made the visiting goal intervene after turning on himself, showing a hunger that was highly applauded by the respectable. The Alcorcón could barely leave his field once, but when he did Bellvis, from the left wing, crashed the ball on the post reminding the Blanquivioletas that they also had defensive duties.

If the first part was dominated by white and violet, the second was even more so. A cascade of occasions were deactivated by a spectacular Dani Jiménez who avoided the win until Weissman sentenced with five minutes to go. Until then, the meta potter dedicated himself to chafar the night to a stellar Sergio León, who did everything well and who only lacked the goal award. In his most spectacular intervention, the goalkeeper deflected a plummeting volley from the Andalusian striker that he could not believe. Later he thwarted the triple chance of Anuar, Weissman and Olaza, he even showed himself again before Christ who could not beat him. And while Dani Jiménez was showing off, he kept the potters alive and hopeful, who, however, barely left their field. Only Weissman, taking advantage of the quick serve of a foul, sentenced and brought peace to the stands of Zorrilla that already sensed the arrival of ghosts from the past, those that made the Pucela lose many points in the Cesarini area. With the 2-0, Alcorcón tried to go up, but they no longer had time and only Moyano endangered Roberto’s goal, who spent a very placid night.


Luciano Vega placeholder image (45 ‘, Jorge Giovanni Zarfino), Oscar Arribas Pasero (62 ‘, Abdel Al Badaoui), Anuar (62 ‘, Toni Villa), Raul Asencio (63 ‘, Hugo Fraile), Oscar Plano (70 ‘, Gonzalo Plata), Christ Gonzalez (71 ‘, Sergio León), Asier Querejeta (78 ‘, Juan Hernández), Juan Manuel Bravo (78 ‘, Ander Gorostidi), Saidy janko (80 ‘, Luis Pérez), Fede (80 ‘, Roque Mesa)


1-0, 18 ‘: Alvaro Aguado, 2-0, 85 ‘: Shon weissman


Referee: Saúl Ais Reig
VAR Referee: Rafael Sánchez López
Sergio Leon (1 ‘, Yellow) Gorosito (68 ‘, Yellow) Roque Mesa (79 ‘, Yellow

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