The farmer and member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Carlos Segura Foster, warned that onion growers will once again be harmed with unnecessary imports of the bulb, of massive use in the homes and centers of elaboration of foods.

“The damage that was done in the last four months of 2020 to onion producers seems to be repeated unless the authorities rectify their actions in this year 2021,” Segura Foster wrote on his twitter account.

In addition, he explained that in the January-September period of last year in the country 69 thousand 607 tasks of this crop were planted and the production had been collected in 38 thousand 788 with a production of 1 million 358 thousand 994 quintals.

While in 2021 the planted area amounted to 75 thousand 715 tasks (6,108 additional tasks) and the collection has been carried out in 41 thousand 683 tasks (2,903 tasks) with a production amounting to 1 million 507 thousand 406 quintals (148,412 more quintals) .

Similarly, he argued that affections of the previous year that the producers and the government suffered due to the inadequate management that they gave to the supply and demand of this product with national production above the demand.

“Unnecessary imports were authorized, the market was saturated, the authorities intervened and they bought onions both national and imported production. As supply is much higher than demand, the debacle occurred, producers, “he said in one of the messages.

He explained that the producers of the vegetable preferred to let their production lose because the collection and transportation costs were higher than the sale price and the same happened with the imported ones, remembering the quintals of onion that had to be thrown away.

“The government was damaged thousands of quintals in warehouses, which produced millions in losses to the Dominican State,” he concluded by writing.

He argued that at the start of enough National Production They have inadequately authorized unnecessary imports, which leads them to foresee large losses to producers, importers and citizens in general.



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