Agriculture: the “Paysans de nature” association is campaigning for wildlife to return to the plots

Make your farm a natural reserve of biodiversity: At shell (Morbihan), market gardener Martin say sstarted this challenge it almost five years ago. This former naturalist, who became a farmer, grows around forty seasonal vegetables here. And its plots, overgrown with tall grass, are unlike many others.The idea is really to accommodate as much wildlife as possible in the very heart of the plots, and not just on the outskirts or in a slightly remote corner of the farm.“, explains Martin Diraison.

Multiply biodiversity spaces

On their land, the market gardener and his companion, a breeder, do not seek to exploit every square meter. On the contrary, they multiply the spaces of biodiversity, with meadows to attract pollinators, or even a dozen restored ponds to bring back amphibians. The results are already there. These practices, they carry them out within an association entitled “Peasants of nature”. The goal is to expand these biodiversity farms to the rest of the farmland, which covers almost half of our country. So, to change the situation, the association seeks to convince other farmers. Today, it brings together more than 150 farmers in France.

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