Agriculture initiates closures to eliminate whitefly crops in Azua

The Ministry of Agriculture, with the Southwest, Central and South regions, through resolution 2018-45, He left the ban for the elimination of host crops for the whitefly started in the Azua area.

The activity was chaired by the engineer Rosa Lazala, national director of Plant Health, in the company of the vice minister of production and marketing, engineer Eulalio Ramírez, the regional Plant Health and Integrated Pest Management, producers, Federations and Associations of producers in the region.

Engineer Lazala, speaking at the activity, thanked and recognized the work carried out by the technicians, regional and area directors, so that every year the ban that makes productivity important in the Regionals is carried out successfully, through an alliance between the Ministry of Agriculture, Plant Health, producers, federations and associations.

indicated that the ban is executed in an affable manner with the producers, without impositionsmaking understand the importance of this, and they have agreed and given the support to be able to execute it, being that the most important thing.

“From the government of President Luis Abinader and the leadership of Minister Limber Cruz, We will always continue to support our businessmen and producersworking hand in hand with this great team of men and women from the Ministry of Agriculture”, he pointed out.

Eulalio Ramírez expressed satisfaction with the presence of businessmen representing agro-industries. He said that it has great significance because it describes the hallmark of the management of the Ministry of Agriculture headed by its incumbent Limber Cruz, of working in alliance with the private sector and agricultural producers and in coordination with the technical part represented by the various Agriculture agencies. .

In addition to Vice Minister Ramírez, the following were present at the activity: Luis Zoquier, president of the Regional Council for Integrated Pest Management and director of FAMOSA; Daniel Virgil, in charge of the Plant Health Entomology Department; Miguel Sánchez, representative of the LINDA Company, Rafael Soto, Central Regional Director; Orlando Bidó, Frank Herrera, technicians, producers and the hosts: Ings. Augusto Villar and Juan Mateo.

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