Agreement with CVC causes friction

Historically, the relationships between Real Madrid and Levante they have been excellent. More since the arrival of Quico Catalan to the Granota presidency. Nevertheless, ‘LaLiga impulse’, the agreement of The league with CVC, has opened a gap between clubs.

Catalan did not hesitate to point to the two greats before a necessary agreement for the majority of entities that make up LaLiga and, in particular, for the Granotas interests: “It is not the first time, in situations of important strategy, where there has been unanimity on the part of most clubs without the big two. It is something that we have already faced in previous situations. There are different sensitivities. We see it with the project of the Super league and we see it now. They are our companions and together we have to grow. I wish we were more united, but this cannot crush the rest of the clubs that will make us much stronger and more competitive, “said the Levantine president in the presentation of the signings.

Without that money, Levante started the season with a manifest problem. Two days after the start, it did not have the financial capacity to register the new incorporations or the players renewed the previous year. To get an idea, neither Soldier neither Morales they would be registered if the agreement was not given.

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