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Agreement to deter North Korea

Neighboring South Korea has been on the receiving end of North Korea’s ballistic missile tests. There is also the threat of nuclear weapons attack. The United States is also uncomfortable with such activities of the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. As a result, the country has united with one of its allies, South Korea, to deal with the threat. On a visit to Washington, South Korean leader Yoon Suk-yeol and US President Joe Biden agreed on the nuclear deal after a meeting at the White House.

According to Washington’s declaration, the United States will take all possible measures to counter the threat of Pyongyang. Ballistic and missile submarines will be deployed in South Korea. In contrast, Seoul will refrain from developing nuclear weapons. Most South Koreans, however, want to have their own nuclear arsenal to counter the threat. Meanwhile, China called for refraining from this new agreement calling it a provocation of conflict. News from Reuters and BBC. In the discussion between Biden and Yun on Wednesday, apart from discussing the nuclear weapons program, the issue of trade and investment between the two countries and the war in Ukraine took place. The two leaders said if North Korea’s leader attacked South Korea or the United States, the response would be devastating. At a joint news conference, Yun said he and Biden agreed on steps to strengthen South Korea’s defenses in response to North Korean threats. Yun said Washington has pledged to respond quickly and overwhelmingly to North Korea’s nuclear attack by using the full force of the alliance, including the United States’ nuclear weapons. At this time, Biden again proposed to North Korea to discuss their nuclear and missile programs. The North Korean leader, however, has always ignored Washington’s proposal. North Korea’s weapons program is making steady progress. Homeland-launched ballistic missiles are also capable of hitting several US cities. As a result, the question has arisen, whether Washington will really help South Korea with nuclear weapons to prevent these. Meanwhile, according to South Korean opinion polls, the majority of the country’s population wants to have its own nuclear weapons. But Washington is blocking it. US officials said the US would prevent any nuclear incident in the region under the new Washington Declaration. However, Biden has made it clear that no US nuclear weapons will be placed on South Korean territory. New American Security Center analyst Duyeon Kim called the Washington announcement a major victory for the alliance and South Korea in particular. During the meeting, Biden and Yun also discussed the tension between China and Taiwan and China’s military activities in the South China Sea. In the joint statement, the two leaders stressed on maintaining stability in the Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile, China fears conflict, calling the deal a provocation. Mao Ning, spokesman for the country’s foreign ministry, said that all parties should sit down to discuss the issue of the Korean Peninsula. Beijing urged not to deliberately spread tension, incite conflict and make threats.

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