The Dominican Republic and Dubai signed an Amendment Protocol to the Air Services Agreement between both nations in order to develop actions aimed at promoting and promoting air traffic.

In a press release from the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) it was reported that the agreement also seeks to promote the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination and to strengthen cooperation ties with other civil aviation authorities in matters of commercial air services.

The president of the JAC, José Marte Piantini, described the signing of this protocol “as a significant advance” for the national air sector and explained that promoting the country’s air transport with other nations positions the strategic importance of the Dominican territory.

Marte Piantini stressed that the agreement will also strengthen new opportunities that contribute to the economic growth of the country, promoting the quality of air transport service to and from the Dominican Republic.

The agreement was signed by Marte Piantini and the director general of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi. These representatives were accompanied by authorities from the JAC and the Dominican ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Julio Castaños Zouain. On behalf of Dubai, leaders in air transport and other actors of the air sector of that country participated.

Increase connectivity

During the development of the “Dubai Airshow” event, the JAC delegation met with the representatives of Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, for the approval of the Code Share Agreement signed between Air Europa Airlines, dated 19 January 2014, through which they can carry out a series of seasonal operations on the Madrid-Santo Domingo and Madrid-Abu Dhabi route.

In this agreement Air Europa is the effective operator and Etihad Airways the market operator; The last approval being through Resolution 248-2021 dated October 27, 2021, with whom progress was made in the process for the establishment of an airline in the Dominican Republic that can embark and disembark passengers, mail and cargo.



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