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Agreement made: Pierre-Jean Chalençon attacks the program again on Twitter

Pierre-Jean Chalençon never misses the opportunity to criticize “Affaire Conclue”, the France 2 program from which he was expelled in June 2020 after having sparked controversy on social media.

It was this Thursday, August 12, that the collector discovered, to his surprise, a repetition of an episode of the program in which he is present. “And jump, thanks to France 2, I must fail,” he wrote on Twitter with a screenshot to the key.

Questioned by an Internet user indicating that “Deal concluded” has lost dynamism since his departure, Pierre-Jean Chalençon took the opportunity to put a layer back on the road – catastrophic in his opinion – in which he was treated by the production. of the Show.

“I am in new projects. I have been treated in an unacceptable way… What a shame! Having had the success of this show and seeing how it turns out … well, that’s right! Even Sophie Davant has noticed! This is telling you! He snapped.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon had none in his first review of “Affaire concluded”. Last April, it was very hard with the new format of the program in the columns of Leisure television.

“’Deal done’ doesn’t surprise me, instead, I miss the atmosphere of the shootings. But when I see what the show has become, I don’t miss a thing! (Laughs) We don’t recognize buyers anymore because there are so many, it’s overdone, and the last prime time took a toll on the crowd! “, I laughed.

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