The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, announced this afternoon that they reached an agreement with the taxi drivers union in the eastern part of the country and those of Uber, which would end the conflict between the workers of both entities, and that affects tourism.

Collado said that taxi drivers in that area will join Uber.

We reached an agreement with the taxi drivers union and international representatives of the platform @Uber. Taxi drivers will join Uber in the eastern part of the country, we agreed to work together with a single common goal, the development of our tourism in the DR, ”the official wrote on Twitter.

Collado had described as inconceivable that the conflicts in taxi transport in that tourist area would continue, and today representatives of both sectors met with him and then advanced part of the agreement.

The agreement was made official after a meeting of several hours between the taxi unions, representatives of UBER and ASONAHORES, with the mediation of Minister Collado and the executive director of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (INTRANT), Rafael Arias.

The Minister of Tourism described the agreement as “transcendental” and said that thanks to the government’s management, the understanding was imposed.

"With this step, the problems and incidents in the eastern part of the country are over. Today the Dominican Republic takes a step forward towards progress, consensus and dialogue, which is what taxi drivers and the Uber company have done"Collado said when announcing the deal.

He reported that as part of the agreement, some 4,500 taxi drivers will be part of the Uber platform in the East region and the other tourist centers of the country.

The director of public policies Uber for Central America, the Caribbean and Andean countries, Silvia Alvarado, expressed her satisfaction with the agreement with the taxi drivers.

The president of the Confederation of Tourist Taxis, Santiago Zamora, said that, with the agreement, the impasses that were registered in the destinations “are a thing of the past.”

The director of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (INTRANT), Rafael Arias, highlighted the importance of the agreement and stated that all registrations will be carried out through his institution. “Also Uber taxi drivers must register with INTRANT”, He emphasized.

For the president of the National Association of Hotels and Tourism, Rafael Blanco, with the agreement between Uber and taxi drivers, tourism and the country win. He said that this shows the capacity for dialogue that exists in the country for the well-being of tourism, which generates more than 500 thousand jobs.



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