Agreement between FCF and LaXarxa to broadcast the new Lliga Elit

During the award ceremony of the new reference category of Catalan football, the Lliga Elit, The agreement between the FCF and LaXarxa was announced for the broadcast of the best game of the day.

The competition begins next weekend, September 16th and 17th, with a single group of 16 teams. The corporate image of the announced category features the star symbols of Catalan football, the ball and the four bars of the Senyera.

The agreement signed between the association and La Xarxa consists of broadcasting a match every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. Óscar Herreros, representative of the Catalan Platform, emphasized the commitment to this project: “We are committed to the highest territorial category of Catalan football, with teams from the north to the south of Catalonia and excitement from day one.”

FCF President Joan Soteras expressed the excitement of event attendees at the launch of the new competition. “The icing on the cake is the visibility and distribution that the agreement with La Xarxa will give us to reach all of Catalonia.”explained Soteras.

Several personalities present yesterday spoke about the development of the new Catalan football project. Nino Vàzquez, the voice that will shed light on the Lliga Elit matches, highlighted the opportunities offered to a high-level category. “I’m motivated and excited, as are the 16 teams competing. We will enjoy games at a high level,” stressed Vàzquez.

The FCF announced the first four league games that will be broadcast. The Vic – Figueres, I hope to start this new project in 2023/24.

Atlètic Lleida and Viladecans, the second day. Lloret and Valls, the third. And finally Europa B vs Granollers in week 4.

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