Agreement at COP28 to end the fossil fuel era

The Dubai Climate Summit (COP28) agrees to initiate a transition Leave fossil fuels behind After two weeks of intensive negotiations in which almost 200 countries debated how they could tackle the problem together Climate crisis.

The countries represented at the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) adopted the Global Balance this Wednesday agreement with which they want to strengthen their climate protection measures in order to curb the increase global temperature And? Do not exceed 1.5ºC compared to pre-industrial levels.

This agreement, adopted by consensus in the plenary session, calls on States to initiate one crossing to say goodbye to fossil fuels, “from to act properly and fairlyAccelerate action in this critical decade to achieve the goal Net zero emissions by 2050consistent with what science says.”

Opening a path to abandoning these types of energy was the EU’s priority at this summit European Union and other industrialized economiesalso for very vulnerable countries how many developing countries are exposed to climate change.

Not everything is done yet, but we have taken a very important step forward

Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge of Spain

Until the plenary session, however, there was uncertainty about whether a pact that marked the end of the hydrocarbon era would be accepted by oil-producing countries such as. B. would be accepted Saudi Arabiawho was identified as the main opposition.

“It is a historical achievement and unprecedented,” said the President of COP28 in the Emirates Sultan Al Jaberwho expressed gratitude for the “hard work” of delegations over the last two weeks and especially in the final hours, during which countries negotiated until dawn to reach a consensus.

“Many said this wasn’t possible, but when I spoke to them at the start of this call I promised them a other peaka summit that brought everyone together: the private and public sectorscivil society, NGOThe religious leadersthe boys and the Indigenous villages. “Everyone stuck together from day one,” added the director of the oil company Adnoc.

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“Is he beginning of the end” for the fossil fuelsfor his part celebrated the director of the UN climate protection, Simon Stiellwho spoke before the various countries had their say.

“The world just made a historic decision at COP28 to launch one irreversible transition and an accelerated move away from fossil fuels,” said the EU Commissioner for Climate Protection. Wopke Hoekstraafter the COP28 Presidency announced that the global stocktaking document had been agreed.

“We have achieved what we set out to do: the preservation of the 1.5ºC within our reach and mark the beginning of the end of fossil fuels,” the Commissioner said.

The Spanish Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa RiberaRepresentative of the EU Council Presidency, which Spain currently holds, assessed that “not everything has been done, but we have given.” a very important step forward“.

The agreement aims to triple renewable energy, gradually reduce carbon emissions without remedial measures and stop deforestation

The United States Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerryclaimed to be “amazed” by the “spirit of cooperation” between countries that he saw at this conference, where, amid the conflicts emerging in the world – in Ukraine, the Middle East and other challenges – “the Multilateralism is imposed” and “define the common benefit “It’s gaining more and more interest.”

Kerry, who used his speech to announce that he would update a agreement with China To update its long-term climate strategies, he emphasized that the Global Balance is “sending.” Messages Very strong to the world“.

He began by emphasizing that the text highlights the need maintain the Paris goaldo not exceed the safety threshold of Heating what science determines: 1.5 ºC above pre-industrial levels.

He also emphasized that the agreement sets the direction triple renewable energydouble energy efficiency, reduce gradually Coal without damage limitationas well as stop and reverse deforestation and removals by 2030 and “significantly” reduce other greenhouse gas emissions (beyond CO2) by 2030.

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