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Agnès Buzyn, on the management of the coronavirus crisis: “I have my conscience for me”

Guest of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach in the program “Repères”, this Sunday, October 10 on CNEWS, Agnès Buzyn returned to her indictment for “endangering the lives of others”.

While the hearings in this case will soon begin, the former Minister of Health did not hide his emotion at such an accusation. “For someone like me who has dedicated his life to the health of people, to imagine that I could voluntarily do an act that would harm anyone’s health is painful.”

Placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness for “voluntary abstention from fighting a disaster”, Agnès Buzyn has “no doubt” as to the fact that justice will be done.

“I have absolute confidence in the institutions of my country. I know what the senior officials of this country are, they work for the general interest, the truth is always known and always arrives at a given moment (…) and I have my conscience for me ”, t -it entrusted to Jean-Pierre Elkabbach.

“I don’t regret any decision”

Asked about her management of the coronavirus crisis, when she was in government, Agnès Buzyn has no regrets and intends to let the justice know. “I don’t regret any decision I made. I would have the opportunity to share it with the judges ”.

If she prefers “to keep her first word to justice and not to the media”, Agnès Buzyn considers that “France was very early in its alert and its response”, faced with the rise of the coronavirus epidemic.

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