The spin-off series of the villainess of Wanda Vision, Agatha Harknessgot a solo series of his adventures which will be directed by Jac Shaeffershowrunner and screenwriter of Wanda Vision. The series should focus on the origin-story of the character, which we briefly saw in one of the episodes of the series. A recent news announced the release date of the series. The first episode should happen in the last days of the year 2023, or even the very beginning of the year 2024 as relayed by the media The Direct.

Thanks to the user of Reddit u/RAMcGonagallnew screenwriters for the next series Disney+ Agatha: House of Harkness have been revealed. And these are well-known people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and series Disney+. It is several authors of Moon Knight and WandaVision who would be recruited to support Shaeffer. The first is peter cameronwho wrote the episodes of Wanda VisionIn this very special episode… ‘ and ‘Halloween Special‘ as well as ‘In all friendship’ and ‘The Tomb’ of Moon Knight.

The second is Cameron Squireswho wrote the episode ” Break the fourth wall » from the series worn by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.

Finally, there is Laura Donneythe screenwriter of ‘Previously in…‘, the eighth episode of Wanda Vision.


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