Agatha: Darkhold Diaries: An actor reveals huge spoilers for the rest of the MCU!

The return of Wanda Maximoff may have been spoiled by an actor who will appear in one of the show’s future series MCU. The character has taken a specific path in the universe Wonder. After losing his brother early Peter, Wanda became a pariah during the events of Captain America: Civil War or she approached the android vision. Afterward, Avengers Infinity War wasn’t kind to her.

Thanos killed his companion by ripping the Mind Stone from his head. She was also one of the collateral victims of the intergalactic purge Thanos. Then we found one Wanda squeezed WandaVision where she was forced to invent a happy reality with a fictional family… that she was trying to find Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness before the Red Witch. Finally, Wanda sacrificed himself on the mountain Wundagore so that no one can ever access it again Darkhold. This raised a chill about his impending return to the United States MCU.

Elizabeth Olsenthe interpreter of the character, wanted to return, but the executives of the MCU have claimed several times that her character is really dead. As a spin-off connected to the universe turning around Wandawe are entitled to the series Disney+ Agatha: Darkhold Diaries with Kathryn Hahn back in Agatha Harkness. Asif Alione of the upcoming actors of the series, answered a fan’s question on his page Instagram asked him if Wanda would be there again Darkhold Diaries. And the actor seems to drop a real bombshell:

Ask :Will Wanda be on Agatha’s show, bro? Please.. » – Will Wanda be in Agatha?

Answer :Yes! »

The comment has since been deleted, undoubtedly suggesting that the actor made a crippling mistake in the eyes of the company’s managers Disney. But the information has already been able to spread on the networks and in particular The direct one. The series is scheduled to appear on the streaming platform in late 2024 or even early 2025.

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